Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beginning

This will be a peek into my life, my family and my thoughts. 

Growing up I always wondered how my life would end up. It's interesting to look back and see how each step was directed by God, even the times I went off the path. 

In 2009 my life changed in a big way, at 29 years of age I was finally getting married.
I met my wife (Reina) teaching Sunday school at church, I think that is a pretty cool place to meet the person you will spend the rest of your life with. On July 10, 2008 we started emailing each other, and then on January 3rd 2009 we were married.

A little bit about my wife. She is very charming and everyone loves to be around her. She is loving and likes to go on roadtrips. We love driving together. She thinks about me a lot and always wants to make sure our marriage is a 10!. Did I mention she is stunning too, and my best friend!
So let's now fast forward to 12/9/2011. My life changed again. I became a father that day. Ryder Lewis Johnson was born. I was blessed with a son. Now I can understand a little more when the Bible talks about God's love for us. I love Ryder so much, he is my little buddy. It is also a huge responsibilty too, he mimics everything I do, looks up to me. He needs a father who will lead him, just as my wife needs a husband to lead her.

Now up to the present, my son is almost 17 months old, walking around, wanting to do everything I do.  Here are some updated pics of him and my family.

This song sums up what I need to do with my family :)

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